Online Shopping FAQ


What is MYDIN Online?

MYDIN Online is an online store, where customers are able to shop more conveniently from the comfort of their own home at any time.
Everything you need is just a mouse click away.

What are MYDIN online pick up and delivery operating hours?

Our pick up and delivery operating hours are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

What kind of products can I buy on MYDIN Online? What items are sold online?

MYDIN carries a wide variety of Halal products common to hypermarkets and most of our store range are made available online. Items sold include Groceries, Health & Beauty, Household, Muslimin items and Home & Living. More products will be added daily so we encourage you to come back often to browse our newly listed products.


How do I get started?

To create an account, simply click Sign Up and become a MYDIN Member and start shopping. To register, click on "Sign In" button either via our website or our mobile applications and proceed to enter your details. Alternatively, you can browse the item first and register at the checkout process.

How do I edit the information on My Account?

In order to edit your information, click the "Register” button under Online Store and look for View Profile button. Click the button and continue to edit your account. .e. Name, Address, Billing Address, Email, Phone number and etc.

How do I change or add addresses?

If you want to add "New Address"(different address) you may click "Add My Address" button. Type in the new address as your other delivery address.

How to enter your address correctly?

Address Guide :
Address Line 1 :
E.g. : 675;676, Persiaran Subang Permai,
Address Line 2:
E.g. : Usj 1, 47500
Address Line 3:
E.g. : Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

If I'm an existing Meriah Card Member, do I get my Meriah Reward points when I shop online?

Yes, you are required to activate online account through “First Time Login” and key-in your Identification Type and Meriah Member card number.

How do I check whether I have entered my Meriah Card number correctly?

Please login to the website, click on ‘View Profile' button, you will see the next page with your detail information. Scroll down to ‘Card Information' column, check your Meriah Card number at the Card no. section.

Do I become Meriah Card Member after I register with the online website?

No. Please visit our MYDIN store to sign up as Meriah Card Member and obtain the Meriah Card number. You are required to do a ONE TIME registration on MYDIN website to enjoy rewards points.
In the future, you will be able to perform this online.

I've forgotten my online login password, what do I do?

Please click on the "Forgot Password" link and follow the instructions.

What is One Time Password (OTP)?

One-time-password (OTP) is a numeric code that is only valid for a single use for ‘First Time Login’ registration.

Do I need to pay for (OTP) I received?

No. There is no charge for each SMS received from Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad.

If I have changed my mobile number at the Profile Page, will my registered mobile number automatically be changed as well?

Yes. You may change your mobile number through Profile Page.

How do I request for an (OTP)?

You are required to enter OTP button, after registration yourself as ‘First Time Login’.

If I do not receive my (OTP) within 60 seconds, what should I do?

You may request for another OTP by clicking ‘Request OTP’. If the customers failed to receive the (OTP) after (3) attempts. Please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 for further information.


How to choose fulfillment services?

1. Log in to the MYDIN website, hover the mouse to the top right menu box:-
Please click on ‘Change' button, you will see the fulfillment mode selections:-
Pick up at the store/ Pick up at locker / Home delivery will appear.
You may select your preferred fulfillment mode, then you may start your shopping.

Which area do you cover for delivery?

For the initial stage, we will cover areas according to postcodes that are published on MYDIN website. In the future, we will expand our business (delivery area) to bigger coverage.

Can my order be delivered to other places aside from My Address?

Yes, it can. Your order can be delivered to any location that is within our coverage area. Delivery charge may apply.

What is the minimum order value for online shopping?

There is no minimum order value imposed.

How do I view orders I've made?

You may click "Order Details" and view your order details i.e. ordered item, item amount, and total of your order.

What about items I have ordered which are out of stock?

Items that are out of stock, will be substituted with similar products, but you may accept or reject the substitution once you receive or pick up your order. Your total amount will be re-calculated.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we do not ship internationally.

How can I track my orders?

You may wish to track your order on the website. To find out the latest order status, log on to "My Profile” and go to "My Order" and click on the order number. Alternatively, you may contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 to track the orders. Please note that Customer Care Team doesn't have a more specific time of arrival for any order.

I haven't received my order confirmation email, what do I do?

We’re here to help you, please contact our CustomerCareline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 to track your goods.

Can I print my order?

Yes, you can. You can print your order from your order confirmation email or from your order details page from your order history.

How can I get a copy of my receipt?

We will email you your final tax invoice which will include all the substitutions that have been made, if any.


What is the delivery charges on orders?

Currently, we offer a flat rate delivery charges of RM10 regardless of date and timeslot were chosen for home/office delivery.
The charge of delivery depends on the method of delivery and time, it will be calculated and shown in the final checkout page.

What is the delivery time slot available for Home/Office delivery?

Your order will be prepared within 24 hours, time slot available for pick up will be next day (Order date +1) as below time table :-


What if I am not home for delivery?

Our deliveryman will return the goods to the MYDIN store (at where goods are picked). Customer Service will contact you to reschedule to another date and time for next delivery.

How can I change (reschedule) my delivery time slot?

We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 that will assist you to reschedule your delivery based on the available time slots.

What if the delivery team is late?

We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 to get further information.

Will there be any penalty charged for rescheduling delivery?

No, not at the moment.

Who can sign for the delivery?

Since we take payment at the door upon delivery, anyone can sign for the order as long as they are valid credit card holder for the credit card to be used for payment.

What should I do if there is a product missing from my shopping?

We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 for further information.

How do I check my delivery timeslot?

You can refer to your order confirmation email or log into the website and view your pending orders under your order history.

I've tracked my order, and it's delivered but I haven't received it, where is it?

We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 for further information.


What is the minimum order for store – pick up?

There is no minimum order value imposed.

What is the delivery charges store – pick up?

There are no charges for store pick up.

What are the time slot available for store pick up?

Your order will be prepared within 24 hours, time slot available for pick up will be next day (Order date +1) as below time table:-


What proof of purchase do I need to bring when pick up order at the store?

Please bring your order confirmation or order number to pay for the goods.

What happens if I am late for my collection slot?

We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 that will assist you to reschedule your collection time to the next available time slot.

Where will my groceries be stored during my collection slot?

All products are picked on the day of collection and safely stored in a temperature controlled collection point such as in the fridge, freezer or ambient storage board until you arrive.

What happens if I am early for my collection slot?

Customers may need to wait if the order are not ready for pick up.

Which store do I have to go to pick my order?

You have to go to the store that you have selected when you made the online purchase at MYDIN Online store.

Can I give responsibility to another person to replace me to pick up my order?

Yes, you can. First of all, we will call you to ensure that the designate person will pick up the order instead of yourself. Please make sure that person has your order details.

How can I change (reschedule) my pickup time slot?

We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786. Our Customer Care team will help you to reschedule your collection time based on the next available time slot.


What is the Klik & Pick locker temperature?

Chiller (1°C ~ 7°C)

Frozen (-18°C ~ -24°C )

What is the minimum order for locker pick up?

There is no minimum order value imposed.

What is the delivery charges for locker pick up?

The delivery charges to the locker are RM5.00 regardless of date and time slot were chosen.

Can I select a time slot for locker pick up?

Yes, you can. As we offer 2-time slots for pick up at locker, please refer to the below table below:-


What is groceries locker?

MYDIN Klik & Pick locker comes with Chill and Frozen temperature.
The locker is a place to store your groceries in a chill or frozen condition which were purchased via MYDIN Online. This locker is available for customers to pick up their groceries at their leisure.

Where are these locker located?

MYDIN Subang Jaya, Hypermarket.
DIGI HQ, Subang (Strictly for DIGI staff only)
We will be expanding more location in future.

What are the items restricted to be delivered to the locker?

The restricted items listed below: -
Stationery, Aerosol canister products, Gardening products (Fertilizer) or Pet foods and bulky items.

How do I receive information for authentication when I pick up order from the locker?

The system will send you a set of pin number via email and also SMS for your authentication. Enter the pin number on the locker monitor hub, an LED indicator for the physical locker door will be turned on/highlighted. Once you notice the LED indicator for your order, please commence opening the locker door to collect your grocery.

How long can the locker door be opened?

Yes, the locker door will be open for an approximately of 2 minutes allowing you to pick up your orders.

What if the locker door close before the completion of order pick up?

After 2 minutes, if you wish to reopen the locker door, you are required to re-enter your PIN number on the monitor hub.

What if I missed the locker pick up time, what will happen to my order?

The system will send a reminder message via email or SMS, 30 minutes before the expiry time. If you miss the pick up time slots, please be informed that all items will be returned back to MYDIN store.
We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 for further information. You are advised to visit MYDIN stores to pick up your items.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my order because I failed to pick up the order?

No. Please be informed that the order can't be canceled for a refund once the order being pick, pack and delivered to the locker.
We’re here to help you, please contact our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786. Our Customer Care team will help you to reschedule your collection time based on the next available time slot.


Will I get promo code coupons if I shop online?

Yes, from time to time we may have promo code coupons which can be used online. This promo code will be exclusively only for purchase made via online.

How does promo code coupons work?

A promo code coupon consists of numerical and alphabet letters which can be entered on the website to receive a discount for an online grocery order. Remember to enter promo code coupons at the checkout and this will be deducted from the total of your order. For further information, please call our Customer Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786.


What is Guide Price?

The prices on MYDIN online store website are guide prices only which are based on prices in store at the time you place an order. Therefore, the total guide price shown in your shopping cart and order confirmation email may differ from the total amount shown on your final invoice. For more info, please refer to Our Guide Price document.

What price do I pay for my order?

What you pay will be stated in the final invoice which is based on the store of the products on the day of your delivery or pick-up.

What are the factors that contribute to price difference between guide price and the final amount charged?

Weighed products, substitutions, price change in store and promotion periods.


Entitlement of credit/debit card purchase?

You need to be 18 years old to accept a delivery. If you are paying by credit/debit card at the door, the cardholder must be present.

What type of payment options do you accept?

We accept Debit Card, Credit Card VISA Card, and Master Card.

Payment Methods

We offer online and offline payment methods.
Online payment mode via eGHL third party epayment gateway is available for ease checkout.
As for Store pick up offline payment, payment will be collected when you pick up your orders at our Customer Services Counter located at Level 1.
For home delivery, we collect payment via the mobile terminal at your door steps. Besides online payment as mentioned above, we also do provide cash payment for our store pickup customers.

What is payment at the door?

Payment at the door means that you pay when we deliver the goods to you.

How do you collect payment at the door?

Our delivery man will swipe your credit/debit card on our wireless EDC terminal which depends on the availability of the provider's signal coverage. During the process, our delivery man may need to find a spot where the device can receive the strongest signal to be able to process your payment.

What happens when my credit/debit card is rejected?

In the event where your credit card is rejected, our delivery man will request for another valid credit card.
If payment problem persists, we will have no choice but to bring the goods back to the store for your collection.

If I select locker pick up, how do I make payment?

You need to make instant online payment in advance for pickup at the locker.

Can I make online payment for pickup at store or home delivery order?

Yes, you can make online payment in advance for either fulfillment mode.

Do you accept cash payment?

For pickup at store, we accept Cash, Visa/Master card credit/Debit cards.
For home delivery, we accept online payment and pay at door.
For locker, we accept online payment only.

My Credit Card details are not being accepted. What's wrong?

Your credit card chip may be unreadable. Please check with your credit card issuing bank.


What is the Rounding Mechanism?

The Rounding Mechanism is a method implemented by Malaysian Government whereby the total bill amount (including goods and services subject to tax) is rounded upwards or downwards to the nearest multiple of 5 cents. Total bill amount that ends in 1, 2, 6 and 7 cents will be rounded down while 3, 4, 8 and 9 cents will be rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5 cents.
For example, a total bill amounting to RM82.01 will be rounded down to RM82.00. If it amounts to RM82.04, it will be rounded up to RM82.05. For more detailed explanation, please refer to the Bank Negara Rounding Mechanism document.

Can payment at the door be considered as payment over the counter?

All over-the-counter payments will be subjected to the Rounding Mechanism irrespective of its mode, be it cash or non-cash. Payment at the door is also over-the-counter transaction as it would later be entered into Point Of Sales system.

Where will the rounding adjustments be reflected?

The rounding adjustments and final total will be clearly shown on the receipt/bill printed from the Point Of Sales system.


Is the price that is provided at MYDIN Online different from store price?

The price published on the website is always the same as MYDIN store price. However, due to the time difference between the time the order is placed and the goods picked for collection or delivery, the price may differ. The final price will be the price on the day the goods are picked for collection/delivery.

Is rounding amount applicable if I purchase via MYDIN Online?

Yes, if the payment was made offline via mobile payment terminal which later is entered into our Point of Sales system.
No, if you made an instant online payment check out.


What happens if the goods received are not as per my order?

You can choose not to receive the goods that are not the same as your order. We will deduct the amount and only charge you for products you buy.

What happens if the goods received are not in good condition?

You can choose to reject the particular product and we will deduct it from the total amount.

How about the quality of chilled product that I ordered?

All chilled and frozen products will be transported in the chilled and freezer compartment of our delivery trucks to maintain the temperature and freshness.

How do you pack my groceries?

Each order will be packed in plastic bags with proper segregation of products just like in the store. We will then transport your orders (in plastic bags) within crates which are stored in the correct compartment within our trucks depending on the type of the product wither ambient, chilled or frozen.


What should I do if I want to make a cancellation?

Orders can only be canceled when order status is "Approved". You may call our Care Line Centre at 1-300-30-8786 for further assistance and more information

Can I make cancellation upon the delivery man arriving at my home?

Yes, if the delivered items are not up to your satisfaction, rejection is allowed during delivery.

I want to make a cancellation. What should I do if the status shown is "Ready for Packing"?

You may call our Careline Centre at 1-300-30-8786 for further assistance and more information

Can I make the cancellation through your Careline Center?

Yes, you can.


Is there a 7-day return policy?

Yes. You may return the items to the store within 7 days upon receiving it.
Please refer to table for refundable/exchangeable items.

How do I refund/exchange my goods?

To refund, you need to come to MYDIN branch, bring along the products that are to be refunded in its original packaging together with all complimentary gifts that come with it and present original purchase bill.

What criteria of items that can be refunded/exchanged?

Refund products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging.
You are required to bring along the item purchased with the original receipt and packaging as well as the FOC products that come with it.
Approval for refund will be granted on a case-by-case basis
Refund value will be determined based on the value billed in the original bill

What items that would not be accepted as refund/exchange?

Please refer to the table in FAQ on Refunds point no. 1.

Can I get my refund in cash?

No cash refund is available. The refund cash will be converted into eCredit.

How long is the validity of the Credit Vouchers?

The credit vouchers are only valid on the same day it was issued. Please shop at our store to utilize the credit voucher

Is it possible if I want to exchange my item for the same item but different brand?

Yes. There's no problem. You can use your Credit Voucher to buy anything you want at Mydin. If the amount is greater than the Credit Voucher, you just need to pay the difference. Take note that if your item amount is less than Credit Voucher, the balance will not be returned.

Can I exchange the item at the different branch?

Item must be exchanged at the same branch.


What is eCredit?

Is a credit balance accumulated [by item value] during an online transaction where the online store was not able to fulfill certain ordered item when online payment was completed and received by the store. E-Credit value can be used for next online purchase subject to value availability.

Where do I use my eCredit value?

To be used only for MYDIN online transaction during payment checkout.

Can I use eCredit value to make partial online payment at the checkout page?

Yes, subject to your eCredit balance availability.

Does eCredit value stored on my account has an expiration date?

No. Please utilize the value for next purchase.

Can I make full payment with my eCredit equal to my purchase value?

Yes, provided you have sufficient eCredit balance value in your account.

How to check my eCredit value balance?

You need to sign-in the website. Next, click view profile. You will be able to see your points under Loyalty Points and eCredit.

Does eCredit value subject to GST?